Off Grid Remote Hideaway

Below you will find Log Cabin retreat located up in the Adirondack’s where they receive a large annual snowfall. The cabin is well over a mile from the grid and in the winter time is only accessible by snow machine. Which helps explain the elevated generator stand. You can see it between the first picture below, between the PV arrays. The cabin has radiant floor heating and a pored wall basement. This a a 3.6 Kw PV system and has two 3,600 watt inverters with 12 four volt batteries configured for 48Vdc. The  PV arrays are pole mounted to allow for seasonal tilt angle adjustments. Three poles with ten panels on each.






Yep, that’s the same generator. But where did the elevated stand go? They sure do get a lot of snow. We plan to install a roof over the top of the generator soon.


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