Off-Grid Home

This represents how everything for a system can be placed in a relatively small foot print together. In this design the array shades the battery and controls shed during the hottest time of the day helping to keep the temperature of the batteries from getting to high. This is an year round home with a pole mount system that allows the PV array (3.12kw) to be adjusted for seasonal tilt angle. The system is configured for 48Vdc as are all our Off-grid homes. The generator is a liquid cooled, 1800 RPM, 22kw unit. While that may seem to be large in comparison to the one most people have stowed away in their garage, for Off-grid these are a must especially when it comes to the equalization (EQ) of the batteries.




This is a single inverter system that produces 240Vac. As with the majority of our systems we design for expansion and this one is no different. If the clients load requirement increase a second inverter can easily be installed as well as a second array. The inverter converts the DC voltage of the PV/Batteries to AC household power. Note the two Kwhrs meters. One measures the clients household usage while the other is used to keep track of what the 22 Kw backup propane fired generator provides. In the back corner you can see the white battery box vent which vents the battery gases during EQ charging to the outside atmosphere.FinshedViewUnderPV

We go to great lengths to keep the wires hidden and we secure with stainless steel clips instead of plastic tie wraps.




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