Off-Grid Cabin/Power shed

Below you will find examples of our Off-Grid Homes/Cabin packages. Normally we would put this equipment inside the home, usually in the basement. However, sometimes there is no basement or the cabin has limited space as it is. By providing a Power Shed, all we do is run conduits to the home/cabins main service entrance just like the utility (Yuk) would.

Example One: In the example below the home is about to 200 feet from the power shed. All wire and conduits are under ground for protection and a clean, clear view. As with all of our Off-Grid projects, the cream colored box on the side of the Power Shed is a back-up powered propane fired generator.



The controls below provide the client with 240Vac to a circuit breaker panel located in the home. The systems primary voltage is 48Vdc inside of the Power Shed only. The pictures below are where the batteries are stored.



Example Two: In the project below the Renewable energy equipment is mounted to the side of the cabin. The site is in a very tight wooded area and the client did not want to remove any more trees than necessary. The batteries are located in the short, long structure, with the inverter system just to the right. In this case we had the builder erect the enclosures so as to match the cabin itself. After several harsh winters with the roof top array remaining covered by snow for 3-4 months in 2015 we added a pole top array consisting of 2.28kw bringing the system total to 4.36kw. So in the winter months the array is left almost completely vertical because of the heavy snowfalls common in the Adirondack region.

Example Three: In the project below the Renewable energy equipment is also located in a separate power shed well over 300 feet from the home. The power shed can be seen behind the white truck in the picture below. Because of budget constraints this system only has four PV panels at this time (installed four more in late 07′). But this system was engineered for future expansion



Note the insulated battery box below. We monitor the temperature of the box. Part of our engineering is to design around the fact that the batteries will not be keep at a desired temperature of 77 degrees F.




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