LiteFoot ATV Tracks

November 11, 2014 - 3 minutes read

I have come to the conclusion that most of us work entirely to hard and don’t take time to get out and “play”. I have been a recreational vehicle enthusiast for well over 30 years. However when winter would come around I couldn’t use my four-wheeler because of the heavy snows and deep drifts that we get on top of the mountain. After years of research I came upon a company called Mattracks that manufactures track systems for full-size truck’s and SUV’s. They also make a product called LiteFoot which are tracks for 4-wheel-drive ATV’s.


Over the years I have looked at other systems but from a mechanical point of view the gang at LiteFoot have really got a winner here. For up to date detailed information on this product please go to their web site.

After getting my first set and putting them to the test I liked the tracks so well that I am now the Western and Central New York dealer for them. I invite people to stop by the shop and take a test drive. Below is a 2003 Honda Rincon 650. Please call for an appointment.

The tracks are currently mounted on a 2004 Arctic Cat 650 you see below. The photos below do have a story that go along with them. Below is one of my clients up in the Tug Hill Plateau of the Adirondack of New York State. This client is Off-Grid and 1.5 miles from the main road which is dirt and the power lines. The only way to service this client in the winter months is either by snowmobile or my tracked 4-wheeler.


Knowing just how much snow they can get in this area I built a 4 foot platform for the backup generator to sit. As you can see below I should of made it 6 or 8 foot instead. Needless to say, the generator had to be replaced two weeks after getting a record 24 hour snowfall that dumped over 7 foot of the white stuff. We ended up making a wooden sled to place the 850 pound generator on so that it could be skidded in. After several attempts to break trail off of the main road via snowmobile (they all got stuck) we realized that the only thing that was going to break trail to camp but also skid the new generator in was the tracked wheeler you see below. These LiteFoot tracks provide unsurpassed floatation. The generator installer was so impressed he offered to buy the wheeler from me on site. So as you can see, not only is it fun, but for my line of business it is a necessity.