Blue Collar Representation in the US Senate

April 7, 2016 - 3 minutes read

GOP Region Leaders in NY and the fight for Blue Collar representation in the US Senate

Below is a list of our GOP leadership in New York by Region. If you are a Facebook user all can be found there. Find your Region or if you’ve got time contact each and every one of them. Ask them the following by using cut and paste of the following;

” Why in the world are we supporting Wendy Long for a run against Charles Schumer in 2016 for US Senate? When she lost in a record landslide to Kirsten Gillibrand back in 2012? Gillibrand won 60 of 62 counties and grabbed almost 75% of the vote! I believe the saying goes something like this, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity”? Really, do we want another attorney in DC? Ask yourself this, can you relate to a white collar Manhattan Attorney? Let me say that I’m sure Ms. Long is a wonderful person and a great attorney and that this is not meant to be a personal attach on her. But the fact is that no one can relate to her outside of the suites and buildings of Manhattan. Perhaps it’s time to run a middle class, blue collar worker. Isn’t it funny that every politician is always saying for whom they are fighting for is the middle class blue collar worker.”

Let’s send the message that we want to fight for ourselves and furthermore we want a blue collar representative candidate to run for US Senate.

Region 1. Long Island
John Jay LaValle of Suffolk County

Region 2, NYC
Adele Malpass of Manhattan

Region 3, Hudson Valley
Doug Colety of
914-949-3020 or 995-5700

Region 4, Capital District
Susan McNeil of Fulton County
518-332-9722 or 212-2123

Region 5, North Country
Raymond Scollin of Franklin County Saranac Lake

Region 6, Central NY
Todd Rouse of Madison County
315-251-4298 or 697-8555

Region 7, Southern Tier
Rodney Strange of Chemung County Elmira

Region 8, Finger Lakes
Doug Finch

Region 9, Western NY
Edward Morgan of Orleans County